Playa Santa Lucia has 4 hotels available for tourist, Hotel Gran Club Santa Lucia, Hotel Mayanabo, Hotel Caracol and Hotel Cuatro Vientos. This website though provides general information about Playa Santa Lucia, all its available hotels and a Playa Santa Lucia map locating each hotel.

Playa Santa Lucia, Crossroad

Playa Santa Lucia is a small seaside village located north in the province of Camaguey. Over 21 km of white sand on a turquoise sea. Located 45 minutes from downtown Nuevitas (where many hotel employees live) and approximately one hour 30 minutes from the airport in Camaguey.

Playa Santa Lucia has 13 miles (21 km) of wide, white-golden sandy beaches bathed by warm turquoise water that is always calm, thanks to an extensive coral reef just a mile and a quarter (2 km) from the coast. This reef is the largest coral reef in the country and presumably the second largest in the world.

Santa Lucia Beach, Palms

As close as 200 meters from the shore, it is possible to dive into a fascinating world of 50 species of corals, 200 species of sponges, near 500 species of tropical fish and the remains of at least 27 sunken ships. Some are from the period when America's gold was taken to Spain and some others ended in the bottom of the sea during World War II.

Playa Santa Lucia, Animation

Santa Lucia beach is a popular budget holiday destination for scuba diving lovers and for those looking for a peaceful place to rest. This natural heaven offers all the charms of nature, with its quietness only broken by the flamingos and seagulls. Perfectly transparent waters bathe a 21 km long strip of soft white sand, inviting visitors to swim, indulge in nautical sports, take a pleasant walk or go for a dive.

Santa Lucia Beach ,Dock

Santa Lucía beach combines excellent beaches, diving sites and water sports with neighbor attractions, such as the city of Camagüey, full of history, culture and a peculiar splendor; Cayo Sabinal, which is another jewel, once the refuge of pirates; the lush Cubitas Mountains; home to some wonderful wildlife, stunning scenery and an amazing 300+ species of plants, among other nearby appealing sites.